Have you, as a woman, ever been accused of playing the Aurat Card (the gender card, the woman card) when arguing with your fellow Neanderthals about the issue of women’s rights/empowerment in Pakistan? Well now, you can actually play the Aurat Card, literally, thanks to the team at The CosmosocialPK.

If vast numbers of men on social media are calling you ugly, you’re doing something right.

I’m a writer. I’d rather look interesting than blankly beautiful.

In 2013, French tennis player Marion Bartoli won the Women’s Wimbledon Final but her win was quickly overshadowed by people lining up to abuse her on Twitter for being ugly. …

An incident of censorship at the Karachi Biennale 2019 illustrates the difficulties of being an artist in a struggling democracy like Pakistan.

Artist Adeela Suleman’s exhibit knocked down at Karachi Biennale

Following in the footsteps of other major cities with art biennales such as Venice, Havana, Shanghai and Sharjah, the art biennale behemoth finally came to Pakistan in 2017…

Conversations about identity politics treat it as a weakness, an intellectual failing. Here’s why that’s wrong.

I remember first being accused of resorting to identity politics when I excoriated three white men on Twitter for discussing the lives of Muslim women when they were neither Muslim nor women. “But I’ve lived in the Middle East,” said one. “Of course I can talk about Muslim women.”


The burgeoning feminist movement in Muslim countries is alive and well, but remains under threat of backlash by patriarchal forces

In 2018, the reformist Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia announced women would finally be allowed to drive in the Kingdom. The lifting of the ban came after a handful of brave women activists and Saudi feminists protested over years, getting behind the wheel, being arrested, and remaining…

Wainaina rejected external validation in favour of the internal validation that comes from knowing that one is acting completely in line with one’s artistic and personal integrity.

Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina died in May 2019 at the young age of 48 but, in his short lifetime, he made as many…

Photo by Dar Yasin for AP

As I write this column, a sense of agitation and urgency threatens to overpower my emotions. Over two months ago, on August 5, 2019, the Indian army moved into Kashmir, tourists were evacuated, schools and colleges shut, communications cut and the entire region put into lockdown. …

Bina Shah

Wellesley grad. Pakistani writer & NYT columnist. Feminist. Author of Before She Sleeps. I want women to live powerful lives.

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